Bringing Jainism to your home

Our very popular webinar presentations are available below. Interested in hosting a Jain educational webinar? Or have a topic you’d like to see discussed? Please e-mail us at education@yja.org – we would love to hear from you!

Hosting YJA 2018: An Overview

Dear YJA: Your Jainism Questions, Answered

YJA16 Kickoff: Meet the Committees

Compassion in Our Many Faiths: An Interfaith Webinar

Jainism 101: (Understanding) Karma is a Cinch

2014-2015 Elections Webinar

Pre-Convention Kickoff Webinar

Leaving a Jain Footprint

The Intersection of Karma and Health

College & Jainism- Staying Cool in School?

Paryushan and Das Lakshan

Meditation: Calmness of the Soul

The Six Leyshas

Meditation, Appreciation and the Jain Way of Life

The Challenge(s) of Jainism

Doctrine of Karma