The Mission of the Organization is to provide youth with a platform that promotes spiritual and cultural awareness of Jainism, fosters an interconnected community, and cultivates a Jain way of life in North America.

Primary Objectives
  • To raise awareness of the Jain religion in North America through religious, cultural, and educational activities;
  • To develop friendships among Jain youth in order to foster an inclusive community;
  • To instill an appreciation for the Jain heritage in the youth;
  • To cultivate Jain values in the leaders of tomorrow through personal, professional, and spiritual growth;
  • To further strengthen relationships with Jain Centers and connect with local youth groups;
  • To collaborate with Jain associations, interfaith groups, and external entities;
  • To support charitable organizations and engage in service activities that embrace Jain values; and
  • To provide a platform that aims to address modern-day challenges facing Jain youth.

The Constitution and Bylaws of the organization can be viewed here.