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If anything below goes against the teachings of Bhagwan Mahavir, we sincerely ask for forgiveness. Michhami Dukkadam!

Jainism 101 | Modern Jain History (S1 E9)
Jainism has been shaped by various historical events over the last few centuries - this video recounts a handful of these events to the modern-day.
Articles | How Does The Jain Swastik Differ From The Symbol Of Hate?
How was the meaning behind one of the most significant symbols in Jainism twisted? Learn about the true origins of the Swastik!
YJA Pathshala | Jainism & Doctor Strange
Read about how the 5 Samvayas connect to the story of Marvel superhero and sorcerer Doctor Strange.
YJA Pathshala | TirthAdvisor Series
Purushärth, or self-effort, is essential to pursuing spiritual progress - how can you actively apply self-effort in your day-to-day life?
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