The Experience of a Lifetime
  1. Make sure that you are eligible for the positions you are interested in - read the Position Descriptions and Eligibility sections below.
  2. Download and write the appropriate applications - help us get to know you!
    • - You can apply to more than one position.
  3. Co-Chair applications are due Sunday, July 16th 11:59 PM EST; Director & Regional Coordinator applications are due Wednesday, July 26th 11:59 PM EST. Submit all parts of your application by using the Submit Application button on this page. This includes:
    1. Written application (Word Document)
    2. Resume (PDF)
      • - If you are in high school or college and do not currently have a resume, please email elections@yja.org for instructions on what to submit instead!
    3. Work product - please see instructions in your application.
  4. We’ll contact you by email to schedule an interview. This email could come anytime between when you submit your application and July 29 - please respond promptly! Interviews will take place on a rolling basis - we HIGHLY encourage you to submit as soon as your application is completed!
  5. If you have any questions or concerns along the way, please don’t hesitate to email us at elections@yja.org. Have fun and good luck - we can’t wait to hear from you!

NOTE: Applications to be on Convention Committee, the organizing team for YJA 2018 in Chicago, IL, will go live in early fall. While Executive Board members do play a role in convention organizing, the work is primarily done by Convention Committee. You cannot be on both the Executive Board and Convention Committee, although if you apply to the Executive Board and are not selected, you can certainly apply to be on the Convention Committee. See the list of Convention Committee positions for more details.

Q: Can I apply for more than one position?
A: Yes, you can apply for more than one position! You must submit a separate application for each position you are interested in. During your interview, we will likely ask you what is your order of preference among the positions you applied for.

Q: What if I’ve never been involved with YJA? What if I’ve never been to pathshala? What if I come from a small town where we have no Jain temple, or no Jain sangh?
A: There is no “required” background with Jainism to be on Executive Board. It doesn’t matter if you’re from a big city or a small town, if you’ve been to every convention or if you just started learning more about Jainism this past year - we’re looking for enthusiastic, hard-working people who are excited about helping connect Jain youth across the country, period. If that’s you, apply!

Q: What if I don't live near a Jain community, sangh or temple?
A: No problem! Board members have lived all over the country - sometimes even working from abroad! - without any issue. It is important to us to have the perspective of Jain youth in all different situations, including those who do not have easy access to a Jain community.

Q: What if I’ve never held a position like this before?
A: Again, there is no “required” set of experiences to be a good fit for Executive Board - our current board has graduate students, working professionals from various industries, college and even high school students! We want to hear about the skills and interests you have, but there are also many that we can teach you! When thinking about what you want to apply for, look for the position description that is a good fit with both your background and your interests.

Q: What is a work product?
A: The work product is an example of something that the Board member holding that position does as a part of their day-to-day YJA responsibilities. Seeing a work product allows us to better understand your working style, and what you might create or do if you were in that position on the YJA Board. Work products will be looked at in the context of your application and background, so again, don’t worry if you’ve never done something like this before! Just follow the instructions and do your best.

Q: Why are you asking for a resume?
A: We’ve found that involvement with Jainism is not the only thing that helps us as Executive Board members - we all use skills and experiences from school, internships, work etc. as well! Seeing your resume gives us a quick look into this background. No need to modify, just send us your existing resume as-is. Again, if you are in high school or college and don’t have one yet, email us at elections@yja.org! This will not negatively affect your application.

Q: Should I talk about my activities or work experience extensively in my application?
A: Don’t rehash your resume in your application. No need to provide us lists of your activities or accomplishments in application answers - use examples as appropriate, but first and foremost make sure you’re actually answering the questions and helping us learn more about you!

Q: Is the word limit a hard restriction or an approximate guideline?
A: Stick to the word limits. Less is more!

Q: Any other tips for application writing?
A: Proofread your application - typos, grammar and spelling mistakes all make it more difficult to understand what you're trying to convey.

The YJA Executive Board is comprised of sixteen Jain youth from across North America: two Co-Chairs, eight Directors, and six Regional Coordinators, between the ages of 16 and 29. A new YJA Executive Board is elected every year.

Below you will find a list of all the Executive Board positions along with their position descriptions.


Individuals serving on the Executive Board must be a minimum of eighteen (18) years of age, or be sixteen (16) years of age and either: Have served as a recognized Local Representative with a letter of recommendation from a then current Executive Board member; or Submit, with their application, a letter of recommendation from a member of the executive committee from their local Jain center.

In addition, the following positions have specific eligibility requirements:

Applications for the position of Co-Chair shall be accepted from individuals who:

  1. Are on the then current Executive Board; or
  2. Have served at least one (1) prior full term on the Executive Board as detailed in the Constitution of YJA; or
  3. Have served as YJA Convention Chair (a member of a YJA Convention Committee) from the date of selection of the YJA Convention Committee. The then current Co-Chairs shall confirm the eligibility upon consultation with the Board of Trustees.



Represent YJA externally, set our mission and vision for the year, and lead the Executive Board in executing on their projects.

Dir. of Project Development

Manage and support the Directors, lead organizational documentation and goal-setting, and develop new YJA-wide projects.

Director of Events

Support Regional Coordinators while developing new YJA-wide events and leveraging partnerships to expand our reach.

Director of Education

Develop and maintain Jain education initiatives and support other board members in incorporating education into their work.

Director of Finance

Create a yearly budget for the organization, disburse funds and collaborate with Directors to consistently improve YJA finances.

Director of Fundraising

Lead all major fundraising efforts and support RCs in particular with growing regional connections and Jain center relationships.

Director of IT

Maintain YJA tech infrastructure and develop creative and relevant ways for the organization to leverage new technologies.

Director of Public Relations

Coordinate all YJA social media and communications, and consistently develop new and creative ways to grow and showcase the YJA brand.

Director of Publications

Direct vision and production of YJA’s quarterly publication, Young Minds, and advise on any written content representing YJA.

Regional Coordinator

Be a connector for YJA members in their region, manage a Local Representative team, and be actively engaged in sanghs.

Why Apply for Board?

I ran for board to become more knowledgeable about Jainism, though a likeminded community. I gained knowledge plus a group of friends who are like family!
- Bonita Parikh
Director of Events, 2012-2014

I ran for board because I loved attending YJA conventions, and wanted to give back. It was an awesome privilege to work with and learn from some of the best and most motivated Jains across the country, and my time on board is something that challenged and fundamentally changed me. Anyone who wants to really test their mettle and grow as a person while also giving back to the community should run, no question about it.
- Shikhar Shah
Mid-West RC, 2013-2014