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The YJA Executive Board is comprised of sixteen Jain youth from across North America: two Co-Chairs, eight Directors, and six Regional Coordinators, between the ages of 16 and 29. A new YJA Executive Board is elected every year.

Below you will find a list of all the Executive Board positions along with their position descriptions.


Individuals serving on the Executive Board must be a minimum of eighteen (18) years of age, or be sixteen (16) years of age and either: Have served as a recognized Local Representative with a letter of recommendation from a then current Executive Board member; or Submit, with their application, a letter of recommendation from a member of the executive committee from their local Jain center.

In addition, the following positions have specific eligibility requirements:

Applications for the position of Co-Chair shall be accepted from individuals who:

  1. Are on the then current Executive Board; or
  2. Have served at least one (1) prior full term on the Executive Board as detailed in the Constitution of YJA; or
  3. Have served as YJA Convention Chair (a member of a YJA Convention Committee) from the date of selection of the YJA Convention Committee. The then current Co-Chairs shall confirm the eligibility upon consultation with the Board of Trustees.


Position Descriptions

The primary duties of the Co-Chairs shall be:

  1. To be the official spokespersons for the Organization;
  2. To promote the Mission and Objectives of the Organization;
  3. To provide leadership and overall direction of the Organization;
  4. To establish, in conjunction with the Directors, Regional Coordinators, and Board of Trustees, goals for the Organization for the year;
  5. To execute the set-forth goals;
  6. To appoint, as needed, a Committee (as defined in Article XII “Committees”) to accomplish specific goals and designate its Chairs(s);
  7. To inform the Board of Trustees and JAINA Executive Committee once every two (2) months of the Organization’s recent events, current activities, and planned events;
  8. To lead the Organization’s Executive Board meetings; and
  9. To approve, in conjunction with the Organization’s Director of Finance, any expenditure, disposition of asset, or income of less than US $2,000.00.

The primary duties of the Director of Education shall be:

  1. To educate the Organization’s members by:
    • Initiating projects for the year to increase education within the membership; and
    • Helping regional coordinators develop educational components for events and retreats.
  2. To lead activities and maintain regular resources that ensure the availability of strong educational content for members, including, but not limited to:
    • Reviewing yja.org for current educational material and resources and making recommendations for improvement;
    • Updating the Organization’s events calendar to include important Jain holidays (Paryushan, Mahavir Jayanti, etc);
    • Compiling other online Jain resources;
    • Contributing educational articles to the Organization’s blog;
    • Organizing educational webinars;
    • Managing and maintaining YJA Forums; and
    • Adding material to and facilitating the online YJA Pathshala.
  3. To communicate with outside parties and organizations relating to Jain education by working closely with the JAINA Director of Education, interfaith organizations, youth groups, and other parties;
  4. To assist the Director of Publications in providing educational content for Young Minds and contributing articles when possible to other counterpart Jain publications (UK Young Jains, JAINA Huffington Post blog, etc.);
  5. To assist the Director of Public Relations in compiling education-related material for e-newsletters and social media channels; and
  6. To head up all Educational aspects of YJA projects being undertaken and utilize a subcommittee as needed.

The primary duties of the Director of Events shall be:

  1. To be manage the activities of the six Regional Coordinators (“RCs”) by ensuring they are fulfilling their duties and goals, as well as providing recommendations to them for improvement;
  2. To initiate and coordinate regional and national events with the RCs to promote the goals of the Organization;
  3. To act as ad-hoc RC, if RC does not meet set expectations;
  4. To host weekly meetings with all RCs;
  5. To communicate intra-board on behalf of the RCs;
  6. To develop contacts outside board that will assist in implementing events (former Executive Board members, Jain Center Presidents, etc.);
  7. To coordinate events with other Jain groups, i.e. YJP;
  8. To review prior to use all RC and LR documentation, including Retreat Packet, Local Representative Application, and Event Evaluations, and ensure that they are updated with learnings, relevant documentation, and metrics as events are conducted during the year.

The primary duties of the Director of Finance shall be:

  1. To track and maintain the Organization’s finances, per the Constitution, including but not limited to:
    1. Tracking all of the Organization’s expenditures/revenues in accordance to JAINA’s guidelines, including, but not limited to:
      • Monthly re-occcuring payments; and
      • Budgets for regional retreats
    2. Issuing Organization’s checks to owed parties for items including but not limited to:
      • Retreat expenses;
      • Convention expenses; and
      • General expenses
    3. Reimbursing Executive Board members for items including but not limited to:
      • Approved travel expenses;
      • Approved retreat expenses; and
      • Approved general expenses.
    4. To work with the Co-Chairs and the Director of Fundraising to develop a budget for the organization at the start of each term;
    5. To prepare and provide to JAINA any relevant financial documentation for tax purposes; and
    6. To deliver reports on the status of the Organization’s finances to the Co-Chairs and Board of Trustees every month.

The primary duties of the Director of Fundraising shall be:

  1. To seek innovative ways to make the Organization financially self-sufficient;
  2. To initiate and coordinate fundraising projects with Executive Board members and Local Representatives from various sanghs and regions;
  3. To create and maintain a list of fundraising projects for the year with specific goals and deadlines;
  4. To review list(s) of previous fundraising projects to determine successes and suggests improvements;
  5. To maintain the Organization donor database/CRM;
  6. To create a list of potential advertising companies for the Organization’s website and Young Minds;
  7. To locate Jain friendly organizations willing to partner at Organization’s events;
  8. To develop long term relationships with businesses and organizations that share Jain values; and
  9. To identify areas of saving resources by utilizing Organization’s non-profit status.

The primary duties of the Director of IT shall be:

  1. To maintain YJA.org and all its functions, including but not limited to removing broken links, constantly improving areas that need updates and/or re-design;
  2. To create new functions to make website use more efficient;
  3. To consistently and accurately update each region sub-page (including latest events, newest Local Representatives, and updated photos), when directed by the Regional Coordinators and/or Director of Events;
  4. To upload and archive back issues of Young Minds, when directed by the Director of Publications;
  5. To upload and archive all e-newsletters, when directed by the Director of Public Relations; and
  6. To head up all IT aspects of projects being undertaken and utilize a subcommittee as needed.

The primary duties of the Director of Project Development shall be:

  1. To initiate and coordinate board wide projects that have a religious, social, educational and community service component, and to delegate project responsibilities to the appropriate board members;
  2. To assist Co-Chairs in the management of Directors by ensuring they are fulfilling their duties and goals, as well as providing recommendations to them for improvement;
  3. To liaison for the YJA Convention in non-convention years by:
    • Consulting with the previous YJA Executive Board to assess the strengths/weaknesses of the previous YJA Convention;
    • Compiling documents and other important materials from the previous YJA Convention;
    • Updating and editing the YJA Convention bid packet; and
    • Leading the marketing and outreach campaign to find the host city for the next YJA Convention.
  4. To collaborate with outside parties that could assist in developing projects, including, but not limited to:
    • JAINA EC and relevant Directors; and
    • Philanthropic organizations whose missions align with that of YJA.
  5. To maintain the College Chapters program and consistently recruit new Chapters; and
  6. To assist the Co-Chairs and the Board of Trustees with the YJA Election process by:
    • Training the current Executive Board members on the election process and protocol; and
    • Updating the election guidelines to complement organizational and long-term development.

The primary duties of the Director of Public Relations shall be:

  1. To act as liaison for Organization and outside entities, communicating Organization’s updates and initiating joint projects with the aforementioned entities. These entities include but are not limited to JAINA, YJP, YJUK, YK Perth, YJ Nairobi, JAINA Spectrum, Jain Spirit, Jain Digest.
  2. To create and keep regularly updated a posting calendar for all YJA social media channels and communication outlets;
  3. To assist in editing all written communication between YJA Executive Board members and outside entities;
  4. To work with Directors and Regional Coordinators to compile relevant information for bi-monthly e-newsletter;
  5. To prepare, edit and send out bi-monthy e-newsletter to the Organization’s members;
  6. To act as chief promoter of YJA’s projects and activities, including but not limited to sending the weekly YJA update for the JAINA e-newsletter;
  7. To create advertising materials for projects and activities, including but not limited to Facebook posts, tweets, Instagram posts, fliers and other promotional material;
  8. To actively advertise (emails, phone calls, social media) Organization’s events and projects;
  9. To maintain organizational media archives including but not limited to photos from events, video and any press or media coverage; and
  10. To utilize relevant analytics and tracking data to constantly document and improve upon the organization’s digital and advertising reach.

The primary duties of the Director of Publications shall be:

  1. To have access to and know how to use the publishing software InDesign;
  2. To gather and edit content (including, but not limited to, articles, recipes, stories, event recaps, photos, and poems);
  3. To design, edit and publish at least four (4) issues of Young Minds during their term;
  4. To coordinate with the Director of Public Relations to curate content and promote each issue of Young Minds;
  5. To coordinate with the Director of IT to publish each issue of Young Minds online and on the Organization’s website; and
  6. To submit updates and content to Jain Digest and other known Jain publications.

The primary duties of the Regional Coordinators shall be:

  1. To be effective spokespersons for the Organization in their respective regions;
  2. To be the primary organizer, with their Local Representative teams, of monthly events in their region and of at least one annual Regional Retreat;
  3. To act as a liaison between the Local Representatives and the Executive Board;
  4. To maintain contact with Jain sanghs in their region and actively work with sangh leadership to offer youth support and promote youth involvement in community programs;
  5. To work with their respective regional counterpart on the JAINA Executive Committee as needed;
  6. To relay information to their respective regions about the Organization’s activities, projects, or other national events; and
  7. To forward ideas and concerns from their regions to the Executive Board.