Have you ever found yourself having to ask a parent or grandparent about when important Jain holidays are, or whether today is a Tithi? While at home, many have this option, but after going to college and moving out, not everyone can do the same.

With the aim to give youth access to this information themselves, we are excited to release the YJA Jain Panchang (lunar calendar). It is comprised of three separate Google Calendars:

Add one or more of these calendars to your own to stay on top of the important Jain festivals and celebrations that occur throughout the year. Hopefully, being aware of upcoming auspicious days well in advance will help you make conscious choices towards improving your spiritual progress! Follow our social media platforms for more information about the significance of major holidays and for suggestions about how to commemorate them!

What are some major Jain holidays? What is a Tithi, and what is a Kalyanak? Why are they important? Visit yja.org/pathshala to find the answers to these questions in YJA Pathshala lessons!

Tip: Try to take some kind of vow on as many of these days as you can. This can be something like reducing screen time on electronics, refraining from eating after sunset, or taking some time to recite the Navkar Mantra.