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Questions & Answers

To seek a perfect answer for this one, you should first of all know the law of Anekantvaad (relativity) preached by Bhagwan Mahaveer. When you see a machine-gun, normally its harmfulness comes to your mind. Isn't it? This is one-sided vision. Relativity expands the horizon of your vision. Relativity teaches you that every bad is good if rightly handled and every good is bad if wrongly handled. A machine gun in the hands of an army-man is defensive, hence it's helpful. The same gun in the hands of terrorist is offensive, hence its harmful. When you start seeing all dimensions of an object or an incident around you, 50% of your doubts or problems gets solved easily.

Second thing, you can use the formulas of economics for this very question. Suppose if you buy 10 kg of gold for a fair business in return for some million rupees you won’t say that "I lost millions of Rs. for this gold rather you will say I invested millions of Rs.for this gold". Why so??? Because you are sure that even after paying few millions I will be earning much more than what I have invested. Investing your Capital in a fair deal helps you fight poverty. Worshipping or praying Idols with attachment helps to break the cliffs of worldly attachment.

Here is a logic from the Scriptures you will definitely get convinced by. What does a person do when he gets deeply injured by a sharp thorn in his foot? He takes the help of a sharp needle to get rid of that thorn... Isn't it? Even though both the thorn & needle are sharp, piercing and painful..., Thorn is meant to give pain... Needle is meant to relieve pain... Needle is a medium to get rid of thorn hence it's piercing nature is also considered helpful.

Idol or attachment for idols is a medium to get rid of worldly attachment. It is a mirror to observe the self. It's a call to awaken the Soul.

- TirthPrem Vijayji Maharaj Saheb