YJA’s College Chapters engage Jain youth at the college level and support existing Jain student organizations to promote Jainism and its rich culture. Chapters help college students to get involved on their campus and meet together to discuss Jain topics, volunteer, and have fun!

Starting a YJA College Chapter on your campus or registering your current Jain student organization as a YJA College Chapter is easier than ever and has many benefits as outlined below!

UC Berkeley’s Jain Student Association attending a Bay Area garba event together.


Check out our guide on how to start a YJA College Chapter at your school! Email collegechapters@yja.org with any questions or if you are interested in starting a YJA College Chapter or registering a current Jain student organization!

Resources Available to College Chapters
  • College Chapters Guide

    A comprehensive guide for your YJA College Chapter, including timelines, funding information, educational and events handbooks, and a contact directory of college chapters across the country.

  • YJA Executive Board Members

    As a YJA College Chapter, you have unlimited access to our Executive Board members for any help you may need. From the Director of Project Development to the Director of Education, our Executive Board is there to help your organization.

  • Young Minds Publications

    College Chapters members are welcome to write articles for Young Minds, YJA’s flagship publication. Young Minds is a platform for people to write about any Jain topic of their choice, from how Jainism affects you on a daily basis to any neat Jain recipes you know!

  • Networking Database

    As our organization grows, we want this database to reflect the professional skills of our diverse community. We believe this tool will help members from high school seniors seeking college application advice to experienced professionals looking for networking opportunities for years to come.

Existing College Chapters

Penn HJA strives to create a welcoming space for the exploration of the Hindu and Jain faiths through religious, cultural, and social means. Formerly known as Penn HSC & YJA (Penn Hindu Students Council & Young Jains of America), it was founded in 1999 and has been serving the Philadelphia community every since. Our major events include Navratri Garba and Diwali, Saraswati Puja and Hindu Jain Awareness Month – which includes our biggest event, Holi, in the Spring. We have other regular events as well, like service activities, Hanuman-Jayanti puja, weekly Sunday pujas / discussions, guest speakers, and social events.

Co-Presidents: Parth Shah and Tanvi Patel
VP: Ram Godse
Jain Chair: Sohum Daftary

Email: sohumdaftary@wharton.upenn.edu

The Jain Student Association at Indiana University Bloomington aims to cultivate a safe and welcoming space for Jain students on campus and anyone interested in learning about the Jain religion, philosophy, and values. By forming a tight-knit community that observes Jain rituals, celebrates festivals, and learns about the principles and how to apply them to our daily lives, students are able to practice the religion miles away from home.

President: Meera Baid
Vice-President: Pratham Shah

Email: mbaid@iu.edu
Email: pps1@iu.edu

Jain Students Association (JSA) was created with the intention of fostering a sense of community between Jain students and those interested in Jainism at the University of Michigan. We hope to also provide opportunities for our members to socialize, network, observe Jain holidays and practices, discuss religion/philosophy, and participate in community service (seva).

Co-Presidents: Mahee Doshi, Aaryan Shah, and Garima Shah

Email: michiganjsa@umich.edu

The mission of JSA is to foster an atmosphere at the University of Pittsburgh where students can learn about Jainism through discussion of religious and philosophical issues, observe Jain spiritual practices (i.e. meditation), practice Jain principles through community service, and celebrate Jain holidays. At Pitt, JSA works to address the problems, difficulties and concerns facing Jain youth. Our main goal is to create leaders of tomorrow by teaching today’s youth how to incorporate Jain values and ideals into their daily lives.

President: Rushil Shah
Senior Advisor: Ruhee Jain

Email: jsa.pitt@gmail.com

The Texas Jain Students Association aims to foster a sense of community for Jain students at the University of Texas at Austin. We strive to provide our members with opportunities to network, observe Jain practices, and build lasting relationships.
President: Prapti Ghiya

Email: prapti.ghiya@yja.org

Join the Illinois Jain Student Association (JSA) to interact with more Jains and maintain the Jain values and practices that you've grown up with on campus. Rejuvenated in 2017, JSA is an official Registered Student Organization (RSO) at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and a YJA College Chapter!

President: Satej Shah
President: Janak Shah

Email: satej.shah@yja.org
Email: janaksha@gmail.com

President: Rikita Doshi

Email: rdoshi@mail.usciences.edu

President: Palak Shah
Vice-President: Dhaval Shah

Email: palak52@yahoo.com
Email: dmsyankees@gmail.com

President: Mihir Shah
Vice-President: Achal Shah
Secretary: Dhruv Shah
Treasurer: Saagar Shah

Email: achal.shah@yja.org

Jain Students Association at UC Berkeley was created to form a compassionate and thoughtful community of young Jains on campus. We have three goals: to foster intellectual exploration of Jain philosophy, serve our communities, and build strong relationships with one another. We have hosted small group discussions on Jain philosophy in the modern day, game nights, lectures open to the wider campus community, interfaith events, and a national social justice campaign.

Presidents: Sanskriti Sinha and Tushar Jain

Email: sanskritisinha@berkeley.edu
Email: tusharjain@berkeley.edu

President: Krish Munot

Email: krishmunot@gmail.com

JIVA: Jains In Voice and Action is Boston University's Jain student initiative, founded a couple years ago by Jainy Savla, '07 and Purvi Shah '06. JIVA's goals are to increase awareness of the Jain way of life in the university community, promote Jain ideals among the student body, and foster friendships among Jain students. JIVA organizes many educational and interactive activities for its members including guest speakers at BU, temple trips, Jain discussions, celebration of Jain festivals, and frequent social events.

President: Pranali Shah

Email: jiva@bu.edu

The literal meaning of “Ahimsa” is nonviolence. It respects the belief that all beings are connected as one, and was regarded as the highest ideal to strive for by Mahatma Gandhi in his “Satyagraha” (Truth) movement for India’s freedom. Ahimsa is Columbia’s one and only student organization devoted to promoting this Jain and Gandhian edict. We hope to raise awareness through inviting well-renowned speakers on the subject of Ahimsa and participating in different community outreaches, as well as share our South Asian cultural traditions through our Mahavir Jayanti Dinner and Diwali celebrations.

Presidents: Sohum Shah
Vice-President: Binita Shah
Email: ahimsa@columbia.edu

The Rice University Jain Student Association (JSA) aims to create an open and welcome space for Jain students to continue their practice of Jainism away from home. In partnership with the Jain Society of Houston, Rice JSA provides a community for discussions, celebrations, and connections with Jains from Houston and beyond. As the number of Jain students attending Rice continues to increase, we hope our organization can create a greater impact on the Rice network and Houston Jain community.

President: Riya Mehta, Raj Dalal

Email: rmd9@rice.edu
Email: ram19@rice.edu

President: Keval Nagda

Email: keval.nagda@stonybrook.edu

President: Rahi Shah

Email: rahishah7@gmail.com

President: Shivani Doshi

Email: shivanidoshix3@gmail.com

President: Nemi Mehta
President: Kajal Shah

Email: kajal.shah16@gmail.com
Email: nemi23mehta@gmail.com

President: Sejal Kargal

Email: skargal@calpoly.edu

President: Maahi Shah

Email: shah.maahi22@gmail.com